Monday, October 7, 2013

30 Before 30

Since I turn 26 in exactly 2 months I figured I may as well write my 30 before 30 list to give myself some time to finish everything on it so here we go...

30 Before 30:
1. Travel to Europe – alone with Tom
2. Run at least 2 more marathons
3. Triple my freelance business
4. Go to NYC at Christmas time
5. Enroll in grad school for graphic design
6. Have two more children (God willing)
7. Move back to NY
8. Travel to Hawaii (again!)
9. Use my sewing machine
10. Travel to Vegas with Tom
11. Take yoga classes regularly
12. See the Grand Canyon
13. Plan someone else’s wedding
14. Go to an SU basketball game
15. Plan out dinners everyday for a month
16. Do something that makes me nervous
17. Take a cooking class as a couple
18. Take a last minute long weekend trip based on flight sales on expedia
19. Volunteer for something I truly believe in
20. Use our video camera to document major life moments and holidays
21. Go to every brewery in VT
22. Go to another DMB concert with Tom
23. Own a pair of Frye boots
24. Take Finn to Disney World
25. Get in the best shape of my life – the healthy way
26. Take a dance class for an entire year
27. Grow my hair out to my mid-back
28. Teach at a college level
29. See a ballet (a REAL, professional ballet)
30. Visit the Chocolate Bar in Boston