Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weight Loss Update: Not on Point

34 Weeks Postpartum:

26 Weeks Postpartum:

I'm definitely starting to lean out more and I fit into all of my clothes [ even my "skinny" pants ]. My 34 weeks picture happens to be after a week of eating really well but that has not been the case for the majority of the last two months. The month of February was so up and down food wise and to be blunt, it makes me feel like crap and puts me in a crappy mood. I did better in March but not by much, but I did put in more of an effort which is a start. 

My body has definitely changed postpartum though, even though I fit into all of my old clothes, I do not have my old body. My legs are much smaller than they have ever been, even when I was at my smallest for our wedding my legs weren't this small and I was easily 5lbs lighter. My waist was always small and I never gained size there but now it has been the hardest place for me to loose inches. My hips seem to be the only part of me thats back to "normal" and they were the only spot I was worried about postpartum since they were always my "problem" area pre-pregnancy. To be honest, lifting weights and mainly eating healthy has done wonders and have definitely toned my hips and obliques more than they were pre-Finn which is pretty freakin awesome! 

I'm not sure if it's because I've now seen my body at its largest, but I definitely feel more confident in my body [wrinkly belly and all]. I thought I would dread my body after having Finn - and I did the first few months - but now I can see what my body can do. I see that I can bounce back and I can be strong and I have to give most of the credit to lifting weights. 

Now that I've met a majority of my goals I need to come up with a few more. I'll write a separate post later this week with updated goals, but for now here is my journey so far....

41 weeks pregnant = 185
8/21 weight = 160
9/6 weight = 156.6
9/20 = 154.2
11/1 = 147
11/21 = 143.8
1/8 = 140.2
1/30 = 136.2
3/31 = 130.2
Weight Loss in eight weeks = 6lbs
Total Weight loss since 8/21 = 29.8lbs
Weight Loss to go = 0lbs

9/30 = 155 MET
10/12 = 150 MET
11/21 = 145 MET
1/31 = 140 MET
3/31 = 135 MET

Goal Measurements by 4/24 = These are all my pre-pregnancy measurements except for my bust
Bust = 36in (still nursing)
Waist = 25in
Hips = 36in
Thighs = 21in

Starting measurements 9/22= 
Bust = 38in [2in to go]
Waist = 30in [5in to go]
Hips = 41in [5into go]
L Thigh = 23in [2in to go]
R Thigh = 23in [2in to go]

Measurements 11/23:
Bust = 36in GOAL MET
Waist = 28in [3in to go]
Hips = 38in [2into go]
L Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]
R Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]

Measurements 12/28:
Bust = 36in GOAL MET
Waist = 27in [2in to go]
Hips = 37 [1in to go]
L Thigh = 21in GOAL MET
R Thigh = 21in GOAL MET

Measurements 1/30:
Bust = 35in GOAL MET
Waist = 26.5in 1.52in to go]
Hips = 36.75 [.75in to go]
L Thigh = 20.75in GOAL MET
R Thigh = 20.75in GOAL MET

Measurements 1/30:
Bust = 35in GOAL MET
Waist = 25.5in [.5in to go]
Hips = 36 GOAL MET
L Thigh = 20in GOAL MET
R Thigh = 20in GOAL MET