Friday, February 27, 2015

28 weeks

Yep, another gym picture. Sorry if you have already seen this on Instagram :)

How far along?: 28 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yep, maternity pants and tanks in full force. 
Best moment this week: Tom teaches an anatomy and physiology class two nights a week at a community college right now so Finn and I have a lot of mommy time, but most nights he now crawls up and lays with me and puts his head on my stomach and then knocks on it with his little fist like it's a door!
Symptoms: No shin splints still but the Braxton hicks have been coming back lately and my stomach is just sore in general.
Miss anything?: Nothing really.
Movement: Tons! 
Food cravings: I've been wanting a red velvet cupcake in the worst way lately but there are no good cake shops near us and Hannaford's cupcakes just don't measure up.
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yes.
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Pretty much just exhausted.
Looking forward to: Heading to Burlington this weekend for a little staycation with my sister in-laws and our nephew! It will be awesome to see Finn with Jay since he's a lot more fun now and can actually play with Jay.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

27 weeks

No time for a chalkboard picture this week with a teething toddler who just wants to be held.

How far along?: 27 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes, still just pants with maternity tanks and regular shirts.
Best moment this week: I'm having a lot of fun at my new job so far which is a nice change. I'm starting to work on full branding pieces which is awesome and I'm so happy to get back into marketing.
Symptoms: I haven't had shin splints in a week or braxton hicks. I'm definitely starting to feel sore and big and exhausted haha
Miss anything?: Not much.
Movement: Yes, he's moving like crazy!
Food cravings: We have been watching Cake Boss on Netflix so all I want is a red velvet cupcake or dozen :)
Have you started to show yet?: Yes, i feel like I'm huge now - hello third trimester.
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Just exhausted
Looking forward to: A weekend at home doing nothing!

Friday, February 13, 2015

26 weeks

Finn photobomb!

How far along?: 26 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still just maternity bottoms with regular shirts. I just started a new job at the Credit Union as AVP Marketing Specialist so I have to dress up which is proving to be harder than I had hoped. I have 3 pairs of maternity dress pants and then I have dresses that I can wear but finding dressy shirts that are long enough is actually hard so I wear a maternity tank under shirts that are just long enough right now but probably won't be in about 3 weeks.
Best moment this week: Definitely starting my new job! I'm so excited to be with such an awesome company with great benefits and I'm a mile from home.
Symptoms: My shin splints are better due to my new Hoka One One sneakers which I am thrilled about. I had a few nights of braxton hicks this week but I'm thinking it was because I've been in training for 3 days and I've been on my feet doing tours at different buildings, meeting a ton of people and I haven't had as much of a chance to drink water the way I do when I'm sitting at a desk. I've been more aware of drinking a lot of water the last two days and I haven't had any more. 
Miss anything?: I really wanted to celebrate my new job with a nice glass of wine but I guess pizza and ice cream will do!
Movement: Oh my goodness he's been moving like crazy the past week. I've had to have meetings with operations managers (since I'm upper management) this week and I swear every time I sit down for them he goes crazy and you can actually see him moving and kicking.
Food cravings: Nothing really since I've been so busy this week. 
Have you started to show yet?: Yep although my first day at the new job I was wearing all black and the next day I had on a white shirt and a few people came up to me and said they didn't realize I was pregnant the first day so they probably just thought I was chubby haha 
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Just exhausted
Looking forward to: A long weekend at home since I now have all government holidays off which is amazing!