Saturday, February 21, 2015

27 weeks

No time for a chalkboard picture this week with a teething toddler who just wants to be held.

How far along?: 27 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes, still just pants with maternity tanks and regular shirts.
Best moment this week: I'm having a lot of fun at my new job so far which is a nice change. I'm starting to work on full branding pieces which is awesome and I'm so happy to get back into marketing.
Symptoms: I haven't had shin splints in a week or braxton hicks. I'm definitely starting to feel sore and big and exhausted haha
Miss anything?: Not much.
Movement: Yes, he's moving like crazy!
Food cravings: We have been watching Cake Boss on Netflix so all I want is a red velvet cupcake or dozen :)
Have you started to show yet?: Yes, i feel like I'm huge now - hello third trimester.
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Just exhausted
Looking forward to: A weekend at home doing nothing!

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