Friday, November 21, 2014

14 Weeks

A little bigger :)

How far along?: 14 weeks
Total weight gain: 6lbs. - definitely had a growth spurt this week with lots of tugging and growing pains!
Maternity clothes: None yet. 
Best moment this week: Going to Boston with my mom and Finn to visit my cousin and her family. Oh, and chopping another 4inches off my hair - hard to tell in this picture but love it when it's straight!
Symptoms: Lots of growing pains this week especially in my lower abs. I was running the other day and had to stop since my stomach muscles were so sore. 
Miss anything?: I've really been wanting a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc lately.
Movement: Nothing yet but hopefully in a couple weeks I will. 
Food cravings: Nothing in general this week. I gave in to my ice cream craving while in Boston though and had some soft serve vanilla at Sprinkles in Quincy Market - the best!
Have you started to show yet?: Definitely more than last week and a lot more in the last two days - even I noticed it, especially in my waist. I still feel I just look like I've been skipping the gym so I can't wait to actually pop!
Gender prediction: Erica at work thinks it's a girl and I'm slightly leaning that way now because of my face continuing to break out and wanting sweets and being extra moody this time - none of which was true with Finn. Although I did have a dream last night that it was a boy so who knows! 
Mood: I should let Tom answer this question haha My mood was very up and down this week still, I really hope it doesn't stay this way the whole pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender at our anatomy scan on Dec. 17! Although we are going to have the tech write it on a piece of paper and open it on Christmas so we can open it as a family and find out :) So Tom gets a slight surprise still since he didn't want to find out but I pull rank on that one seeing as I'm the one doing the natural birth!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Weeks 9-12 :)

How far along?: 9 weeks
Total weight gain: 2lbs. So lets be honest for a minute, I probably gained close to 50lbs with Finn. I also started off at about 138 since I was coming off a miscarriage 2 months prior and working out maybe once or twice a week. Right now I'm working out 4 times a week, and eating much better. I was sitting at 128-130 when I was nursing finn through the night still but once that stopped in August I was consistently at 133 so that's my starting weight this time and I'm in the best shape ever. The most I have ever lifted in the past was 7.5lbs dumbells and now I lift 12.5lbs. If I hadn't gotten pregnant I'd be up to 15lbs but I want to take it easy and not push too hard, especially in the first trimester. So there's me being honest. 
Maternity clothes: None yet. Everything fits exactly the same thankfully, nothing even feels snug yet.
Sleep: I feel like this shouldn't even be a topic now that I have a one year old. Some nights he sleeps, some nights he doesn't. Sleep basically depends on Finn at the moment.
Best moment this week: I taught Finn to kiss my belly! He has no ide why but I think it's cute :)
Symptoms: I realize I'm a lucky one who never really has anything to complain about in this department. No sickness or neausia. I don't feel like I'm as tired as I was with Finn but my perception of tired has shifted drastically! My only complaint is that I have acne like a 13 year old boy. My face cleared up so well with Finn and with nursing so it may just be because we only nurse once or twice a day now but I am so not happy about this.
Miss anything?: I just want a beer - preferably an IPA!
Movement: Nothing yet but hoping to start to feel it earlier since it's the second time around. 
Food cravings: I've had a craving for salty foods a couple of times but nothing other than that.
Have you started to show yet?: Nope. I think being in better shape has allowed me to not pop as quickly.  I'm just waiting to wake up one morning and it be there since this is number 2 it's more likely to get bigger quicker.
Gender prediction: My only reason for thinking it's a girl is because of my face breaking out and the old wives tale that girls steal your beauty haha
Mood: I've noticed my patience are running quickly. I've had to stop myself from getting frustrated wit Finn a few times recently which is so not normal. 
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at the midwives in 4 weeks :)

How far along?: 10 weeks
Total weight gain: 2lbs. still
Maternity clothes: None yet and I don't think I'll have to anytime soon either. Although I do have a wicked cute pair of gap maternity greyish purple pants that I've word a few times but only because I love the color and don't have anything in my normal pants that color! I bought 3 pairs of maternity pants from ThredUp that I am dying to wear since they are so cute but I'm holding out since I don't want to get bored with them since I'll be living in them this winter.
Best moment this week: Having a relaxing weekend at home with nothing to do!
Symptoms: A little more tired than normal and definitely some hormonal crazy moments but other than that nothing much.
Miss anything?: Still just want an IPA!
Movement: Nothing yet but hoping to start to feel it earlier since it's the second time around. 
Food cravings: Just more hungry than normal this week. I really expected to put on some pounds this week with how much I've been eating but this baby must be growing and going to the gym has helped!
Have you started to show yet?: Not yet, although I've begun to pop a little after eating lunch and dinner.
Gender prediction: Now I'm not sure, I haven't had any gut instincts this week and I feel on the fence right now.
Mood: Again, a few hormonal crazy moments!
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at the midwives in 3 weeks :)

We were in NYC this week so you get a picture of 15 month old Finn instead :)
How far along?: 11 weeks
Total weight gain: 2lbs. still
Maternity clothes: None yet. Thankfully my pants all fit the same and aren't even snug yet.
Best moment this week: My parents coming to visit. Finn loves my mom and has finally warmed up to my dad so its great to see a relationship even though we live far away. 
Symptoms: I definitely get short of breath much easier. I forgot how much of an impact that has on my running and how much I have to slow down. 
Miss anything?: Not much actually. 
Movement: Nothing yet but hoping to start to feel it earlier since it's the second time around. 
Food cravings: Can't wait to go to NYC and have lots of yummy foods and not feel the least bit guilty :)
Have you started to show yet?: Not really. I can still suck it in enough so no one at work notices but by night time theres definitely something there!
Gender prediction: Now I'm not sure, I haven't had any gut instincts this week and I feel on the fence right now.
Mood: Still a little hormonal thats for sure!
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at the midwives in 3 weeks :)

How far along?: 12 weeks
Total weight gain: 3lbs. - visiting NYC for 4 days and eating lots of food was totally worth it!
Maternity clothes: None yet. 
Best moment this week: Traveling to NYC for Tom to run in the NYC Marathon. We were able to visit with one of my best friends Charissa and eat a lot of realllly good food.  
Symptoms: I've been sick for almost a week now so my congestion and sore throat have trumped any other pregnancy symptoms I may have had. 
Miss anything?: Was definitely missing some good wine when we were in NYC. 
Movement: Nothing yet but hoping to start to feel it earlier since it's the second time around. 
Food cravings: All I wanted in NYC was a doughnut - which I had...twice :)
Have you started to show yet?: A little bit but it may just be a food baby/bloat from all the goodies this pat weekend.
Gender prediction: Leaning towards a girl again since my face looks horrible and I've even cut a lot of sugar from my diet and with Finn my face completely cleared up. 
Mood: Still a little hormonal and my patience have not come back yet either!
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at our midwife appointment next week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Finn wasn't too keen on standing still!

How far along?: 13 weeks
Total weight gain: 4lbs.
Maternity clothes: None yet. 
Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time at the midwives.  
Symptoms: A little more tugging this week but otherwise everything is good. 
Miss anything?: Ice cream! I have a slight obsession with ice cream and was literally eating it every night after Finn was born. However, once I found out I was pregnant I've pretty much stopped eating sweets all together in hopes of keeping my weight under better control this time around. I've caved in a few times but I've realllllly been craving it this week!
Movement: Besides some light tugging nothing yet but hopefully in the next few weeks or so. 
Food cravings: We've discussed ice cream right?
Have you started to show yet?: Just a little bit but I just feel chubby at the moment.
Gender prediction: Tom is convinced its a boy. He was convinced it was a girl last time so maybe he's wrong again! 
Mood: Still a little hormonal - I was balling my eyes out on the way to work listening to NPR this week on multiple occasions.
Looking forward to: Visiting my cousin and her family in Boston this weekend! Finn and I are headed out to meet up with my mom and then hang out with my cousin and her son who is just about a year older than Finn.