Thursday, November 13, 2014


Finn wasn't too keen on standing still!

How far along?: 13 weeks
Total weight gain: 4lbs.
Maternity clothes: None yet. 
Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time at the midwives.  
Symptoms: A little more tugging this week but otherwise everything is good. 
Miss anything?: Ice cream! I have a slight obsession with ice cream and was literally eating it every night after Finn was born. However, once I found out I was pregnant I've pretty much stopped eating sweets all together in hopes of keeping my weight under better control this time around. I've caved in a few times but I've realllllly been craving it this week!
Movement: Besides some light tugging nothing yet but hopefully in the next few weeks or so. 
Food cravings: We've discussed ice cream right?
Have you started to show yet?: Just a little bit but I just feel chubby at the moment.
Gender prediction: Tom is convinced its a boy. He was convinced it was a girl last time so maybe he's wrong again! 
Mood: Still a little hormonal - I was balling my eyes out on the way to work listening to NPR this week on multiple occasions.
Looking forward to: Visiting my cousin and her family in Boston this weekend! Finn and I are headed out to meet up with my mom and then hang out with my cousin and her son who is just about a year older than Finn. 

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