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That's me, Shannon, on our honeymoon!

Writing an "about me" page kind of reminds me of writing my profile for AIM back in Jr. High - I hated it! But I know I need one since a lot of people have clicked on it hoping to get the gist of who I actually am. So I've decided to just list some things about me and if you are really ambitious you can check out this post to learn even more!

I am 26, my husband is 27 and I continually remind him that he is older than me.

We live in VT with our son Finnegan, golden retriever Ubu and our cat Barley.

We were married on October 29, 2011 and it was the most fun we've ever had!

Our son, Finnegan Hartin was born July 31, 2013 and he's pretty awesome!

We love beer, specifically crafts brews - we even home brew - and our animals are named after beer.

We are both originally from Upstate NY.

Yes, we are high school sweethearts but hate saying that since our relationship really developed in college and we have both changed a lot since high school.

We hope to move back to NY at some point and would love to end up in Ithaca or Rochester.

But we also love Maine and Tom has said since high school that he wants to live in Portland, ME and my dad's entire family (including himself) is from Maine so irony would be us ending up there - which for the record I would also love.

I love ice cream. I could honestly eat it for every meal and I'm pretty sure I did that at a few times in college.

I also love mexican food of any sort. When Tom and I travel anywhere we always scope out a mexican restaurant and we have to eat there.

We also love pizza almost as much as mexican food - Joey special anyone?

And to that point we are also obsessed with the tv show Friends. We have watched the entire series at least 6 or 7 times since we have it on dvd. We also repeat the lines and talk about the characters as if they were truly our friends. 

I am a graphic designer for a local newspaper and absolutely love it! I also do freelance work - mainly invitations but I also do work for area businesses as well. 

I'm a vegetarian and have no desire to ever eat meat again - I hated it as a child and now I also hate it for animal rights reasons. 

Tom is also a vegetarian but eats fish every once in a great while. 

Did I mention I'm pretty crunchy and should have been born in the 60's? Every product in our house from shampoo to counter cleaner to hand soap is all organic and non-toxic. We also recycle and compost everything we can and eat local/organic whenever our wallets allow.

I love to run. I ran my first marathon in January 2011 and can't wait to run another. 

Hmmm there is a ton more I'm sure but you'll just have to read my blog to find out! 

That's my amazing husband who puts up with my shit on a regular basis and I couldn't live without him!

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