Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Thursday...Random Things About Me!

Trying to think of some posts besides baby things I figured I would let you all in on some things about me and share a few pictures at the same time that may or may not have anything to do with the post...

I've been a vegetarian for almost 6 years, but I always hated meat

I have my degree in Communication Management and Design

But I never imagined I would be a graphic designer even though it was part of my degree

I love Sauvignon Blanc

I also love beer - good beer - none of this budweiser crap
At a brewery - we go to a lot of those!

I used to listen to rap in high school...and country music

I now only listen to NPR and Dave Matthews Band
At a Dave concert this past summer

I went to grad school for one semester for Environmental Studies and hated it

I want to get my masters in graphic design to learn more and teach at a collegiate level one day

I smile, a lot

I have one brother who is younger than me but by no means little...he's 6'5
And he's even grown since this picture!

I've never colored my hair - just crazy sun-in when I was 12 and a rinse freshman year of college - those don't count I've been told

I love romantic comedies - When Harry Met Sally is my favorite

85% of my clothes are solids, 10% are stripped and the others have designs and I usually never wear them
Cutting down our first Christmas tree last year - VT mountains are like nothing else

Since I was 10 I wanted to be a hippie - born in the 60's - I braided my hair, wore bell bottoms and flowy shirts and burned incense [ under parental supervision...sometimes ]

I hate talking on the phone - I enjoy email or texting much more since I can get all my thoughts down and face to face is my favorite way to communicate because I read body language pretty well I think

I have the coolest parents ever even though they are truly nerds [ my mom is a civil engineer and my dad is a computer programmer ]
My cool parents at a beer festival with Tom and I this September!

I could live off of nachos and beer...oh and pizza too

I love the show Friends - we own every season and have watched the entire series at least 10 times - I often talk about it as if they are actual people in our everyday lives

I love to give presents

I have very curly hair that won't curl when my hair is short, it's crimpy curly when its medium and is ringlets when its long [ which I haven't had since high school ]
Example of medium length, curly/crimpy hair

I hate games - of any sort - even if they include alcohol

I love wrapping presents - especially in kraft paper with crafty ribbon and usually flowers

I believe in best friends forever and soul mates
Us with our beautiful wedding party :)
I have a tendency to take on too many things at once

Oh, and I have the cutest puppy ever! [ although he's a little bigger now! ] 

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