Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest: Doing It Myself...When I Have Time

I have a board on Pinterest aptly named "Doing It Myself...When I Have Time" and I have yet to actually do any of these things, hence the name is actually true. However, I really want to do some of these things before the baby is born in July. Here are the ones I want to do [ I'm not banking on actually doing them all, but one can hope! ]...

Painted Mason Jars for vases/potters

I actually have all of the fabric and pillow inserts to make 9 pillows...I purchased those a year ago!

Is there an organic version of RIT dye?

This would be perfect since Tom rowed crew all through college. But we can't actually hang them on the wall since we have plaster walls, but they would be cute even without hooks as a decorative piece in the nursery!

Again, this would be wicked cute in the nursery!

Make your own maxi skirt...can you say perfect maternity wear?!?

Ok that's all I can possibly do in the next 4 or 5 months. Lets see how many I actually do :)


  1. huge fan of the painted mason jars. I normally start to plant herbs in March - so this came at a perfect time :)

  2. Love the maxi skirt idea, it can't be that hard I keep telling myself!!

  3. i am totally the same way! i have so many things i want to do but never seem to get a chance...

    new follower :)