Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Late as usual linking up with Jennifer!

1. FINALLY got a haircut on Wednesday. I had gotten it cut back in October and chopped it off the shortest its ever been. I liked it for a few weeks but then its started to grow out really weird which has never happened to me before. And once I became pregnant my hair has definitely been growing faster than normal [ and my hair normally grows super fast ] making the grow-out even worse - I have to admit it was slightly mullet-ish. Basically the hairstylist cut off the mullet part so my hair is back to being pretty short. I have two weddings I'm in during June so I just hope its long enough to put into some sort of up-do thing. My hair and humidity do not mix - at all - so keeping it down or half-down for either wedding is not really an option unless we want Diana Ross to show up!

2. Tom and I decided on Friday to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day since basically every restaurant around us only has a prix fix menu the day of and they are always all meat. So for us vegetarians its not really fun to go out on Valentine's Day, plus its way more expensive and our student loans won't pay themselves! Anyway we went out to our favorite local restaurant - Little Harry's - got the usual and since I wasn't drinking I swear its been the lowest we've ever paid at a restaurant! 

3. Tom has been researching strollers and found one that is perfect for us - Bumbleride Indie Ocean - it is sturdy and lightweight and just so happens to be a jogging stroller too. They are pretty expensive though but Tom found it on sale at for 30% off plus an extra 10% off for new customers and his parents decided to get it for us/baby! It came in TWO days and we love it! [ oh and its the natural edition so the fabrics are made from 50% bamboo and 50% recycled fibers - making me a much happier/hippie mom.

4. Because this is one spoiled baby, my parents also helped us out and bought us a crib! I had been looking for organic/non-toxic cribs and let me tell you they are expensive - like $800 expensive!!! I finally found one I liked - Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib - that was still expensive at $400 and it just so happened to pop up on for a flash sale so I called up my mom to let her know. Tom and I couldn't decide between the grey or the white so I told my mom to surprise us. The crib is made from sustainable pine wood, has a non-toxic finish and is lead and phalate free. It may seem a bit overboard to be buying organic furniture but the baby will be spending a lot of time in the crib so I want the environment to be as safe as possible. Again, making me a much happier mom!

5. As I am typing Tom is learning to ski. He has wanted to since we moved here two years ago and in ten years doesn't want to regret not learning when we live ten miles from one of the best ski resorts in the East. His first day was yesterday and because he is great at every sport he tries [ at least one that does not include a ball - sorry hun! ] he caught on quick and the instructor started giving him more advanced things to try. He was addicted right away and we went out and bought him ski boots on our way home as an early birthday present [ his birthday isn't until the end of April ]. Before I was pregnant he said I had to learn to ski with him this year so that he didn't have to go on his own. I reluctantly said ok [ I have absolutely no desire to ski whatsoever ] but as soon as I was pregnant I had an excuse not to learn - I'm a klutz as is so probably not the best idea to be falling while pregnant. So he's off today and will probably be gone every weekend he can skiing. I have a ton of freelance design work to do before the end of winter so I'm totally ok with this!

6. With President's Day Weekend coming up we have a HUGE paper coming out this week. I normally don't work weekends, but I worked four hours yesterday while Tom skied [ I work 5 minutes from the mountain ]. I will also be going into work at 7am on both Monday and Tuesday and staying until 5p.m. both days in order to get the paper out and looking good. So needless to say I will be beyond exhausted come Tuesday night and my creative juices will be gone. I am not looking forward to this!

7. And last but not least, Tom asked me to feed the dog tonight and I guess I forgot so he was just 8p.m.....whoops...pregnancy brain!


  1. love your crib!!! and yeah, i'm with you. love the snow, hate the cold!

  2. i wanted that crib SOOO badly when i was pregnant but just couldn't fork over the money for it... lucky your parents splurged for you! :)