Tuesday, February 12, 2013

17 Weeks

How far along?: 17 weeks
Maternity clothes: Leggings are my bets friend and the only thing I wear nowadays. Tom and I went to Old Navy and I got two long shirt/tunic things, a long cardigan and two belts - all in my regular size except the belts which I got as a large so that they last throughout the pregnancy.
Best moment this week: Knowing we now have a stroller and crib thanks to our awesome parents!
Symptoms: I feel like I have my energy back, but still going to bed early - nothing has changed.  
Miss anything?: Jeans! I love leggings but they only go so far and it means I have to wear shirts that are long enough and I miss my regular shirts too!
Movement: Hopefully soon!
Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Have you started to show yet?: Yep! 
Gender prediction: Girl. Tom thinks its a girl too!
Mood: Happy but busy.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender...FEBRUARY 22!

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