Sunday, March 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Finally linking up with Jennifer again after a couple hectic weeks! I figured I would catch up on the last few weeks in this 7 quick takes, so here it goes!

1. In case you aren't aware, we're having a BOY! We were thinking a girl for the longest time but the two weeks before my gut was telling me it was a boy. And I was right and I've already started to buy some very cute clothes that I just couldn't resist from Baby Gap! 

2. We had a little day long adventure to IKEA in/near Boston last weekend and purchased some nursery furniture including an armoire and dresser [ which will double as a changing table ]. We needed the armoire since our house was built in 1900 and only has one closet in the master bedroom which was built after the fact. We also got a cute rug, a few decorative things, curtains and a chopping block for our kitchen. All in all it was a successful trip! 

Crammed everything into our little Subaru Impreza! Thank goodness it's a hatchback!
The finished products!

3. I designed the invitations for the baby showers my mom and my mother-in-law are throwing me and they both turned out wicked cute! Once they come back from the printer I will share them with everyone. I know its kinda weird that I designed my own invitations but I love designing and any experience I can get is awesome so neither of them minded that I wanted to work on them.

4. Tom made beer and I "helped" [ see picture below ]. He has been homebrewing for 3 or 4 years now and although I am usually more involved than just grinding the grains,  we both love it and we both love beer. Although it's not quite as fun when you know you won't be able to sample the finished product!
Tom helped stage the picture and Ubu photo bombed!
5. We set up the crib! It's currently set up next to our bed as a side-car crib which is a pseudo form of co-sleeping but they sleep in their crib with the one side taken off so that its sort of an extension of your own bed. This way there's not as much moving in the middle of the night to nurse so neither of us will fully awaken once we get used to it.
Just missing the mattress!
6. My parents came out to visit us this weekend to check out the birthing center where - if all goes as planned - we will be having our natural birth! We decided to head to Burlington after to stop at a bunch of breweries and get some dinner since my dad loves beer as much as we do and my mom does too as long as its not hoppy! And of course it wouldn't be a beer trip without some purchases - Tom got a glass from Fiddlehead [ the owner/founder is an Ithaca grad! ] and the baby got an awesome bib from Magic Hat which my parents bought him!!!
Tom wanted me to take the picture on the table he built out of wood from mid 1800 which I have to admit is one awesome table!

7. And I'm out of things to write about so I'll leave you with a few throwbacks from high school and college! 
3/4 of the "square" before Senior Ball back in 2006!

It's always hard to get all four of us together! Summer after sophomore year of college!

At Carly's sister's wedding, finally with all four of us in one picture!

In college I lived with 6 amazing girls and I'm pretty sure this is one of the only pictures of all 7 of us! And yes that is me standing all the way on the left with very short hair!

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  1. Oh how I miss IKEA! We went from living within an hour of two stores in PA, to the closest one being 4 hours away here in Southern Indiana!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!