Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jennifer again for 7 quick takes. I already feel like I don;t have 7 things to share so this will be interesting! 

1.  The Baby Gap clothes I ordered came in and they are soooo cute! See, to me, boys clothes are way cuter than girls clothes. Let me explain - boys clothes look like little man clothes, even Tom said he'd wear them if they were in his size and while little girl clothes are cute I would never as a grown woman wear a majority of the frilly, sparkly, pink clothes on the girls side of gap - so this is why I like little boy clothes better than little girl clothes. I even said that if we had a girl I was never putting her in big bows and frilly clothes, its just not me. (Sorry for such crappy pictures, the iPhone isn't always great and I [ aka Tom ] left my DSLR at our friends in Maine.


2. Tom make picture frames for the pictures we ordered off zulily since they are an awkward size and they are finished and exactly what I wanted. I can;t wait to hang them, I just don't know where in the nursery I want to hang them yet!

3. Tom and I went on a "date night" Friday after work. We went to our favorite restaurant and then rented a RedBox movie, Playing for Keeps, which was actually pretty good. Its weird to think that after almost 9 years of it just being the two of us, in 19 weeks there will be 3 of us!

4. Speaking of 19 weeks -19 WEEKS! Wow, I can't believe we are over half-way there and with how busy we are the next 4 months, these 19 weeks are going to fly by and our little man will be here before we know it!

5. Tom went skiing Saturday morning and I met him there afterwards so that we could go to Long Trail Brewery for lunch. As I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for him to come out I felt the baby kick for the first time! I told Tom I thought thats what it was but wasn't 100% sure until I was working on some freelance projects this afternoon and I was sitting on the couch and totally felt it again so it definitely was. It makes this all even more real but it's such a cool feeling!

6. Yesterday afternoon we went to the outlets that are about 45 minutes from us since it was beautiful out. It's a cute little town so we took the dog and walked around. We bought the baby his first Patagonia purchase - a cute winter hat on sale for $10 - you can't beat that!

7. And I'm out of things to write about so I will leave you with this article to ponder over which I found through the Natural Parenting facebook page. Enjoy! 10 Overused & Unnecessary Pregnancy Procedures

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  1. #232 On the Conversion Diary List

    Sigh... the kicking inside... makes me want to have another one. For husbands, totally awesome and totally creepy at the same time.