Friday, February 13, 2015

26 weeks

Finn photobomb!

How far along?: 26 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still just maternity bottoms with regular shirts. I just started a new job at the Credit Union as AVP Marketing Specialist so I have to dress up which is proving to be harder than I had hoped. I have 3 pairs of maternity dress pants and then I have dresses that I can wear but finding dressy shirts that are long enough is actually hard so I wear a maternity tank under shirts that are just long enough right now but probably won't be in about 3 weeks.
Best moment this week: Definitely starting my new job! I'm so excited to be with such an awesome company with great benefits and I'm a mile from home.
Symptoms: My shin splints are better due to my new Hoka One One sneakers which I am thrilled about. I had a few nights of braxton hicks this week but I'm thinking it was because I've been in training for 3 days and I've been on my feet doing tours at different buildings, meeting a ton of people and I haven't had as much of a chance to drink water the way I do when I'm sitting at a desk. I've been more aware of drinking a lot of water the last two days and I haven't had any more. 
Miss anything?: I really wanted to celebrate my new job with a nice glass of wine but I guess pizza and ice cream will do!
Movement: Oh my goodness he's been moving like crazy the past week. I've had to have meetings with operations managers (since I'm upper management) this week and I swear every time I sit down for them he goes crazy and you can actually see him moving and kicking.
Food cravings: Nothing really since I've been so busy this week. 
Have you started to show yet?: Yep although my first day at the new job I was wearing all black and the next day I had on a white shirt and a few people came up to me and said they didn't realize I was pregnant the first day so they probably just thought I was chubby haha 
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Just exhausted
Looking forward to: A long weekend at home since I now have all government holidays off which is amazing!

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  1. You look great and Finn is getting so big! I can't wait to meet this new little man of yours! oxox