Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life Lately in Pictures

I was doing so well with my blogging and then I sucked. So, an easy post for me, and an update for you. It's all pictures, lots of pictures, mostly of Finn and a few of Tom and I, all from my iPhone even though we have a DSLR which continues to collect dust other than twice a month. There are 23 pictures total, and they're probably not in chronological order, you've been warned! Enjoy!

We'll start with a cute one - Finn at the L.L. Bean Outlet in Freeport with his cool sunglasses!

 We went to Bangor, ME for our best friends baby shower (also Finn's Godparents) and made a few stops along the way. Of course I have no pictures from the shower so I stole one from Facebook (thanks Melissa!!)

Our first stop was at Allagash Brewery in Portland - I LOVE their white, easily in my top 5 favorites!

A quick walk around downtown Portland before we froze our butts off.

The ladies and Finn at the shower!

On our way back to VT showing off my new FAVORITE! Eaten my the spoonful or on toast or anything for that matter, it's the best.

Happy baby has been super happy for about the past month - fine by us!

I have naturally curly hair but never wear it that way (it's usually thrown in a bun) but lately I've been loving my curls.

First ride sitting in the cart - BEST DAY EVER MOM!

Snow storm in VT - surprise, surprise!

We visited my parents one weekend and went on a brewery tour at Saranac - Finn slept through the whole thing. 

No caption needed. 

Lunch at a pub with Nana and Pops. 

Ubu is currently top on Finn's favorite list.

Toes are a close second.

Although being naked may tie for second.  

ECHO aquarium in Burlington was a big hit!

Such a big man sitting on his own at the aquarium.

Finn now does this head tilt thing when he sees something he likes (yes like dogs do, although Ubu has ironically never done it).

We LOVE yogurt!

Price Chopper had a huge freezer with a sign that said "$1 for vegetarian frozen foods." Needless to say these vegetarians bought $130 worth of frozen food saving around $500 - score.

Just cute.

Combo of head tilt and yogurt.

Sweet potatoes and bananas - Finn's lunch for a week.

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