Thursday, December 4, 2014

16 Weeks

How far along?: 16 weeks
Total weight gain: albs. - oh, hello Thanksgiving week. We easily ate out every night we were home and ate crap most of the time soooo...
Maternity clothes: None yet. But today I was wearing non-stretchy jeans and after lunch they were very uncomfortable so no more non-stretchy jeans for me!
Best moment this week: Cutting down our Christmas tree on our way back from NY this weekend. We cut it at the same place every year in Middlebury, VT and Finn thought the trees were the best. Every time he sees it in the living room he gasps like he forgot it was there. 
Symptoms: I've been getting nauseous from my fish oil pills lately even when I take them on a full stomach. And very sensitive to smells lately, some have been giving me headaches. 
Miss anything?: Really wanting to eat ice cream every night but hoping that by not it will continue to keep me on track to only gain 30-35lbs.
Movement: Hopefully really soon!
Food cravings: Oh ya know just ice cream.
Have you started to show yet?: Yeah but the general public probably just thinks I'm chubby. Especially the people I see at the gym everyday, they must think I'm really indulging in holiday goods. 
Gender prediction: I want to say girl but Tom thinks boy so he has me second guessing myself since I haven't had that true gut feeling. I got the gut feeling like right before we found out with Finn so I think the same will happen this time too. 
Mood: Still slightly crazy haha
Looking forward to: Seeing our babe on Dec.17 and finding out the gender when we open our card Christmas morning :)

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