Thursday, May 9, 2013

29 Weeks

Again, getting so busy we haven't had time to change our chalkboard!

How far along?: 29 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Mostly regular clothes since I can now wear my stretchy dresses and skirts although the dress above is maternity from H&M and on top of that its organic!
Best moment this week: Being home for the weekend for my shower! My cousin who just had her first baby in October surprised me and came all the way from Virginia so it was a ladies weekend at my house with the most amazing women I know!  
Symptoms: Definitely more tired since sleep is not going so well. My stomach also starts to feel really heavy by the end of the day so instead of standing around the kitchen as Tom cooks I bring in a chair.  
Miss anything?: Again, just some good wine during this beautiful weather. 
Movement: Oh yes, he's very active and moving a lot!
Food cravings: Eh, nothing really still.
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yes! 
Gender prediction: It's a boy!
Mood: Happy but very tired. I feel like we have so much more to do to get ready yet we are so busy the next few weeks we won't have time to rest before the baby comes. 
Looking forward to: A weekend at home this weekend! My dad is coming in and we are photographing a wedding so even though that will be tiring, at least we won't be driving!

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  1. You are 10 weeks ahead of me! I cannot wait! I think I will be so antsy by that point to meet our little bean!

  2. You totally look like you shoved ball under your shirt! I'm a little jealous you look so cute. :)

  3. Beautiful on your wedding day and such a glowing pregnant momma! I'm a mother of a boy so I can say firsthand that I'm excited for you to experience that! The bond between a mother and son is amazing. Congrats Shannon. :)

  4. You look awesome!! LOVE that dress on you!