Friday, June 14, 2013

Working Out While Pregnant Take 2!

I'm 34W5D pregnant and boy has my fitness routine changed since the last time I posted on it!

First, my shin splints are now pretty terrible no matter what. I still manage to run intervals of 2mins on, 2mins off but I am definitely more winded now compared to a couple weeks ago. I can only do about 20mins of intervals and then I walk for about 10mins. I tried just doing inclined walking, upping the incline by 1 every minute until I hit 10 and then went back down to 1. But even then I was getting pretty bad shin splints around 12 minutes. So back to intervals it was since its the only way I don't get shin splints.

Oops! Waaaay blurrier than I thought, but here ya go - me at the gym this morning!

I still lift, and I've even increased my weight from 6lb dumbbells to 8lb dumbbells.  But again I take more time in between sets to catch my breath and wipe the sweat dripping down my face! It's certainly a challenge because all I want to do is go for a relaxing run on these beautiful days and I can't because there is no such thing as a relaxing run anymore, ugh!

Me after the gym at 30 weeks before doing 5min on, 2min off intervals for 35mins. What a difference 4ish weeks makes!
I'm just hoping that all the women who tell me that working out while pregnant makes for an easier and faster labor and delivery and a quicker recovery weren't lying to me!


  1. You look great girl!! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Nice job outta you for keeping at it!! You look awesome!!

  3. This is awesome!! Good work!! You look great and I am certain this will help come delivery time!!