Friday, June 28, 2013

Shannon Reilly Creative Design

Some of you may or may not know that I am a graphic designer and I also have my own freelance business on the side. I mainly focus on wedding invitations, shower invitations, birth announcements and some logo design. I don't take on too many projects since I work full-time but I have definitely grown in the last year. I love invitation design since it is so specific to each client and their wants and needs. Everyone should have wedding invitations that show who they are and give a sense of what the wedding day will feel like. 

My first design was my own wedding invitations and they are honestly what made me want to start a freelance invitation business. I thought I'd give you a glance at some of my first designs! I just printed out a ton more samples of some of my most recent work which I'll post sometime next week. Enjoy :) [ 

oh and if you'd like to contact me for design work my email is and my website is ] 


I also did a re-design for an awesome photographer as one of my first design jobs and it is still one of my favorite logo designs!

A screenshot of her website which also displays the logo design and the background pattern I created.

All designs are copyrighted by Shannon Reilly Creative Design

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