Friday, July 5, 2013

37 Weeks

How far along?: 37 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Still mostly non-maternity with stretchy skirts and dresses, but I'm kinda getting tired of wearing the same things. And some of my shirts/tanks are getting a little short and don't cover my bump - especially my workout clothes!
Best moment this week: Having Thursday off for July 4th and doing nothing! I took a three hour nap and I never nap but I'm just completely exhausted these days even after a good [ as good as it can be ] nights rest.  

Symptoms: Very tired and exhausted just climbing stairs takes a lot these days it seems. I've been having a lot of pressure and lightening pains the past week - good signs! 
Movement: He is still a very active boy - and Tom felt his hiccups the other night too which was really cool. 
Food cravings: Nothing really, but I have to have my mint chocolate chip ice cream every night!
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yes! 
Gender prediction: It's a boy!
Mood: Impatient! I just want him to come already!!!
Looking forward to: Relaxing this weekend with nothing to do. Nesting is definitely a real thing so I'm going to continue my cleaning frenzy this weekend!

I thought I'd do a little comparison to see how big this little man has really gotten!

Same shirt looks a little different now - I'm really hoping I look that little again some day! I love my clothes and especially my jeans - I will be a size 2 again [ we can't afford a new wardrobe for me anyways haha ]!


  1. i am getting tired of wearing the same thing too!

  2. Love that you took a pic with the same shirt- you look great! :)


  3. You're so cute! I love your nail polish, too. xo