Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Man's Nursery!

As I sit here at 41 weeks pregnant, I figured what better than to give you all a tour of our little man's nursery!

We wanted something very neutral with a mix of modern and vintage. The room is super tiny so we kept everything pretty light except for the dark blue carpet. The carpet, armoire, dresser and curtains are all from ikea; Tom made the tall shelf with the lamp and Tom painted the green shelf that my grandpa (my mom's father that passed away when I was 1.5) made me when I was a baby. 

You'll notice that there is a futon in the room but no crib - we are co-sleeping with a sidecar crib so the crib is in our room next to our bed and the futon has nowhere else to go so we kept it in the nursery in case we need the extra bed for guests besides the one in our guest bedroom. 

So take a look and sorry for the crummy pictures but I took them in the morning and the light was pretty terrible but I didn't want to wait hehe!

Shelf my Poppy made for me that we painted emerald green (also the color of our dining room).

Tom made the picture frames for the prints since they were kind of an awkward size.

Tom drew this mural as a surprise for me! We were gonna do a huge animal mural but knowing this isn't our forever house I didn't want to get attached to an amazing mural and then have to leave it - I know I'm crazy but I'm very sentimental and emotional!

We put the changing pad on top of the dresser and the shelf to the right is the one Tom made.

One of my roommates and good friends from college actually MADE the stuffed monkey! The lamp is a wedding gift from our little man's godparents and is perfect for the room!

Curtains and rug are from Ikea. And the oar is one Tom's parents got him for Christmas a few years ago. Tom rowed all through college and of course I have to brag and say they won states his senior year which hadn't been done in a few decades by his team so the oar is perfect!

The ladder looking thing the quilt is hanging on is actually the fourth side to our crib that we took off for our sidecar crib. 

I love math so the abacus was my idea and the John Deer truck is Tom's when he was a kid. 

The metal milk carton is from a little antique store in Vermont that I pass every time I go to my midwife. 

The light colored wine box is actually the box we used as our card holder at our wedding and the mini shelf is an antique we picked up on our last trip to Ithaca. We had the guests at our baby shower that my mom threw bring books with notes to the baby in them instead of cards so we have a great start to our kids book collection!

I love how our little man's nursery came out and I can't wait any longer for him to enjoy too!!! I'm writing this on Monday and posting it on Tuesday so hopefully he is here by the time it posts - one can only hope :)


  1. Love it all!!! It looks so great! The paddle is so cute!

  2. Love the world map! Gorgeous color combination and look at all the books!

  3. It looks beautiful! So quaint and perfect! Strangely I have that same rug in Red and have a very similar (German) alarm clock and the abacus too!

    You're going to have to come down to DC when I get married & have a baby just to design and decorate!!!


  4. i love it!! you guys did a great job!!!