Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cara Box

I loved my Cara Box matchups this time around as I had so much in common with them. Sierra sent me an awesome box that I was so excited to receive. Sierra lives in SanDiego (slightly jealous since VT is way more than slightly cold this morning!) and has an adorable one year old son so go check out her blog to find out more! And here is my Cara Box reveal!

I LOVE socks, it's kind of an obsession so these are perfect and will help me stay warm in the extreme cold of VT.

Sierra has a small business and made me this adorable necklace that says "It started with a love story" and then has our anniversary and Finn's birthday listed - so cute and an awesome idea for a gift!

Sierra also made me a keychain that has Finn's name, birthday, weight and height on it - again a perfect gift for a new mom. 

How could I forget the best part of the package, a Superman onesie costume that came complete with cape, for Finn!

Sierra put together an awesome package but mostly I'm happy to have made a new friend!

p.s. the chocolate is empty in this picture - it was opened and eaten first thing and I'm slightly very jealous that Sierra lives near a Trader Joe's!


  1. Oh my gosh, this Cara Box is fantastic!!! What thoughtful gifts for you and Finn!

  2. oh my goodness I love those spoons!