Monday, November 4, 2013

Weight Loss Update

I know, I know it's been awhile! I went back to work on October 21st and I'm working 30 hour weeks so I have two days off with Finn - I work 7-5 on Monday, 7-4 on Tuesday, 9-1 on Thursday (Finn comes with me!) and 9-4 on Friday. I've been slacking on blogging but I keep up my instagram since it's much quicker so follow me there!

Next is my weight loss update and I am right on target which is pretty awesome! I have to admit that I haven't gone back to the gym yet since I can bare to be away from Finn especially with just going back to work. But I have decided that for my sanity I have to so I am starting back at the gym in a week. I'm only going to start out at three days a week but I think that's pretty good for a new mom.

I have to say that the transformation my body has gone through post pregnancy is really hard for me. I knew it would take some time for the weight to come off and that my body wouldn't look the same but it is much harder for me than I imagined. I have never been overweight and even when I thought I was "fat," I was never really that soft. The hardest part for me has been how saggy my stomach is now. Basically all of my weight gain with Finn was in my stomach so now the extra skin (although not a lot, just a lot for me) is there and my muscles are not so it's just weird to me to see it like that. I also made the mistake of trying on my old size 2 jeans and none of my jeans have any real stretch to them, they are very tailored so needless to say I was sorely disappointed when they didn't fit at all. I did go to Gap and bought two pairs of size 6 jeans which fit perfectly and are already a little loose (I even put them in the dryer the last time I washed them) since I know I have to at least loose all of the weight before I can try my size 2 on again.

I'm consistently loosing almost a pound a week still mostly because Finn eats a ton (every 1.5-2 hours) and I'm honestly not very hungry anymore. I thought I would be more hungry nursing than when I was pregnant but I'm less hungry than even pre-pregnancy and I have to force myself to eat during the day. For most women this wouldn't be a problem but with my past food issues I have to make sure I eat as I don't want to go back to restricting and having a bad relationship with food in general.

Ok, so enough talking - here are my newly updated pics and results, along with my measurement update!
(top: current 13 weeks postpartum; middle: 5 weeks postpartum; bottom: 3 weeks postpartum)

41 weeks pregnant = 185
8/21 weight = 160
9/6 weight = 156.6
9/20 = 154.2
11/1 = 147 
Weight Loss in six weeks = 7.2lbs
Total Weight loss = 13lbs
Weight Loss to go = 12lbs

9/30 = 155 MET
10/12 = 150 MET
11/21 = 145
1/31 = 140
3/31 = 135

Goal Measurements by 4/24 = These are all my pre-pregnancy measurements except for my bust
Bust = 36in (still nursing)
Waist = 25in
Hips = 36in
Starting measurements 9/22=
Thighs = 21in
Bust = 38in [2in to go]
Waist = 30in [5in to go]
Hips = 41in [5into go]
L Thigh = 23in [2in to go]
R Thigh = 23in [2in to go]
Measurements 10/30 =
Bust = 36in GOAL MET [although this measurement changes depending on the last time Finn nursed!]
Waist = 29in [4in to go]
Hips = 39 [3in to go]
L Thigh = 22in [1in to go]
R Thigh = 22in [1in to go]

I hope that once I begin to workout these numbers will go down much quicker, but this isn't bad for purely weight loss inches lost.


  1. Look at you!!! You'll be 135 in no time momma!

  2. Great job friend!!! I had to go buy pants that were 3 sizes bigger than normal...and I think it's weird that my stomach skin feels "different". It's really smushy and even the texture is different...oh all the changes...