Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weight Loss Update and Progress Pictures

I finally started back at the gym two weeks ago and I'm loving it. I definitely should have gone back a little sooner, but Finn will grow fast and I can't get those moments back. I've even started to run/jog on the treadmill which I was scared to do at first knowing I hadn't run since 36 weeks pregnant. But it actually wasn't that bad and I ran about an 11min mile which is pretty decent since I ran it consecutively and didn't have to stop constantly. I will admit that my hips felt a little off, which the midwives told me they would and my recovery period is a little longer than it use to be haha. Before I could take a day off after a hard workout and I would be fine, but now I'm still pretty sore after skipping a day to recover. My goal is to work out 3 days a week which I have reached these last two weeks. This coming week I probably won't get to the gym at all since we are leaving at 5am Wednesday to go back home for Thanksgiving and won't be back home to Vermont until Sunday. This unfortunately leaves me little to no time to go to the gym since I work Monday and Tuesday 7-5 (deadline at the paper is killer) and Monday may even be longer than that. I may try to leave at 4 on Tuesday so I can get in at least 45mins at the gym, but we'll see how my deadlines are. Anyways, here are my updates!

16 Weeks Postpartum (oh and not stretch marks, they're scratch marks thanks to my sensitive skin!)

13 Weeks Postpartum

41 weeks pregnant = 185
8/21 weight = 160
9/6 weight = 156.6
9/20 = 154.2
11/1 = 147 
11/21 - 143.8
Weight Loss in three weeks = 3.2lbs
Total Weight loss since 8/21 = 16.2lbs
Weight Loss to go = 8.8lbs

9/30 = 155 MET
10/12 = 150 MET
11/21 = 145 MET
1/31 = 140
3/31 = 135

Goal Measurements by 4/24 = These are all my pre-pregnancy measurements except for my bust
Bust = 36in (still nursing)
Waist = 25in
Hips = 36in
Thighs = 21in

Starting measurements 9/22=
Bust = 38in [2in to go]
Waist = 30in [5in to go]
Hips = 41in [5into go]
L Thigh = 23in [2in to go]
R Thigh = 23in [2in to go]

Measurements 10/30 =
Bust = 36in GOAL MET [although this measurement changes depending on the last time Finn nursed!]
Waist = 29in [4in to go]
Hips = 39 [3in to go]
L Thigh = 22in [1in to go]
R Thigh = 22in [1in to go]

Measurements 11/23:
Bust = 36in GOAL MET
Waist = 28in [3in to go]
Hips = 38 [2in to go]
L Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]
R Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]

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  1. Great job mama! I really need to start working out again, but I am exhausted enough just from every day activities :/