Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life With Finn

Yes it's true, your life does change once you have kids - shocking I know!

Short list of life as I know it now:

My space is no longer my own. Personal space, house space - Finn has taken over!

My day revolves around feedings and naps and no, not my feedings nor my naps.

I now know why my mom use to tell us as kids to never bother her while she was in the shower - it is a sacred 5 minutes.

The massive amounts of hair that has fallen out post pregnancy is now coming in gray - kids really do give you gray hair!

Oh, you want to hold my baby - I'm just going to go to get ready, eat dinner and brush my teeth, all with both hands!

Wrinkles are not just on your face, they also aper on your stomach due to massive stretching - it goes back right?

Speaking of stretching, stretch marks suck, especially when they show up after the baby is born because of massive weight loss. I read that exfoliating them works so my stomach and hips are bright red when I step out of the shower from exfoliating with my luffa - and it does work, they are almost gone!

Hh and pumping is not just like nursing. Have you ever seen an electric cow milker - yeah just like that.

Free time consists of laundry, cleaning, dishes and anything else I use to consider work.

Dressing up = nice jeans, nice sweater over nursing tank and boots.

And leggings are pants when you have no time to change before going to the grocery store.

For someone who HATES even the smallest stain my clothes this is a statement I never thought I would say and say so often: "It's just a little spit up/pee/drool on my pants/sweater/leggings/shirt, no need to change!"

Even though my life has changed immensely I have never been happier and laughed so much in my life because we were blessed with the happiest, cutest baby on earth :)


  1. I agree with everything on this list! And it's so great! :)

  2. Love your description of motherhood, it gets better and better as they grow! Enjoy every minute, it goes by quickly!!

  3. That beautiful little guy is worth all you talked about! He is perfect!