Monday, January 27, 2014

Treadmill Tell-All

Joining some other bloggers and linking up with The Healthy Slice to answer some treadmill questions!
Here it goes...

1. What’s your favorite workout to do on a treadmill? 
Right now I am doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which I love because I never get bored and boy does it get my heart racing and I'm pretty dang sweaty afterwards too!

2. How many miles, on average, do you do on the mill each week?  Since I am just doing HIIT workouts which are quick 30min workouts about 3 days a week I average maybe 9 miles a week.

3. What was the most mileage you’ve ever completed on the mill in one workout? When? Why? 
Oh geeze this was a long time ago when I was trainign for the Disney Marathon in December 2009 (marathon was in January 2010) and it was a complete white out and Syracuse didn't plow the sidewalks so it was 10 miserable miles. I will never do that again, it was horrible and I was grossly sweaty in the Syracuse University gym and got yelled at for being on the treadmill for too long until I explained and then they were fine and looked at me like I was insane - which I was!

4. Do you mill at home? The gym? Both? No treadmill at home, just the gym. I would love a treadmill at home one day but our tiny house cannot accommodate that at the moment!

5. What distractions/entertainment (if any) do you use to help pass the time? 
Even before when I would run 3-5 miles on the treadmill I always changed up the speeds to make it less monotonous. And I usually read something as well like trashy gossip magazines :)

6. If you have a mill at home, how old is it? 
Boo, no mill at home.

7. Do you fuel any differently for a treadmill workout than an outside one? 
No not really. Other than I always have a water bottle on the mill since there is somewhere to put it regardless of the miles I log whereas I only bring water with me on outside runs when I know I will be running longer than an hour.

8. Any treadmill mishaps to report? None thankfully - although I have had some close tripping encounters but no falling off and making a fool of myself at the gym thus far!

9. Do you mill at incline to compensate for not being outside? 
Yes, I always have it at 1% but sometimes change it up and between 2-5% instead of changing speed.

10. Describe your perfect (if there is such an animal) treadmill conditions: 
I use to go to this very nice gym (I babysat in the daycare room once a week for free membership!!) and each treadmill had their own tv AND fan - amazingly perfect plus I would have to ad 3 brand new magazines I have never read, with an ice cold water bottle and a towel that isn't scratchy. Oh and maybe looking out over the ocean - that would be nice!

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