Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weight Loss Update: Reaching Goals and Setting New Ones

21 weeks postpartum (excuse my face haha)

19 weeks postpartum

16 weeks postpartum

 I never realized how much my body is actually changing until I look back at pictures. Although my "abs" were showing more at 19 weeks than 21 weeks (probably due to all the Christmas cookies!), my waist definitely shrunk. I kept the holiday weight off and even got down to 139 twice but I've been sitting at 140-141 for about two weeks which I am totally ok with since I expected to gain weight over the holiday.

I was a runner pre-pregnancy and through most of my pregnancy but now I've been leaning towards heavier weight lifting than ever before. It makes me feel strong and I've seen a quicker change in my body too. I've started following other moms on Instagram that are now weight lifters and their bodies are amazing. I definitely don't want to be a body builder or do bikini competitions but I would love to be leaner and have more definition. The one thing I don't want is bulky legs - as a dancer from 3-18years old I do love strong but lean legs.

One of my weight lifting mom inspirations! [source]

My new goal is to lift more but continue running and be in the best shape of my life. I want to document my transformation more and will probably do it on Instagram more than my blog so follow me there!

On another note, all of my pre-pregnancy jeans fit so I'm feeling way more normal again now that I'm back into my size 2's. Although I'm still 5-10lbs from my average pre-pregnancy weight I know my body has bounced back because my jeans fit and I don't look like a sausage in them haha

41 weeks pregnant = 185
8/21 weight = 160
9/6 weight = 156.6
9/20 = 154.2
11/1 = 147 
11/21 = 143.8
1/8 = 140.2
Weight Loss in seven weeks = 3.6lbs
Total Weight loss since 8/21 = 19.8lbs
Weight Loss to go = 5.2lbs

9/30 = 155 MET
10/12 = 150 MET
11/21 = 145 MET
1/31 = 140
3/31 = 135

Goal Measurements by 4/24 = These are all my pre-pregnancy measurements except for my bust
Bust = 36in (still nursing)
Waist = 25in
Hips = 36in
Thighs = 21in

Starting measurements 9/22= Bust = 38in [2in to go]
Waist = 30in [5in to go]
Hips = 41in [5into go]
L Thigh = 23in [2in to go]
R Thigh = 23in [2in to go]

Measurements 11/23:
Bust = 36in GOAL MET
Waist = 28in [3in to go]
Hips = 38in [2into go]
L Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]
R Thigh = 21.75in [.75in to go]

Measurements 12/28:
Bust = 36in GOAL MET
Waist = 27in [2in to go]
Hips = 37 [1in to go]
L Thigh = 21in GOAL MET
R Thigh = 21in GOAL MET

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