Friday, January 2, 2015

20 weeks

Chopped off another 3 inches tonight and added some bangs which are currently pinned back!
How far along?: 20 weeks
Total weight gain: I honestly haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks. I ate way too many sweets over the holidays but I've been working out and eating healthy by cutting out added sugars all week and plan to do the same next week so I'll weigh myself next week when I'm a bit more comfortable.
Maternity clothes: My maternity pants are still a bit baggy on me but I have 2 pairs of jeans that  are a size or two big from after Finn was born and I wanted to wear jeans so I've been wearing those. My stretching jeans still fit but I'm afraid of stretching them out and not having them go back to normal post pregnancy.
Best moment this week: Having the day off for New Years and spending it with Tom and Finn just hanging around the house playing with toys, making pizza and watching a movie.
Symptoms: Horrible, horrible round ligament pains. I never had them with Finn really bad until the last two weeks but by then everything hurt anyways. I honestly thought something was wrong they hurt so bad. I asked my colleague if she had that pain with her second and she said it was so much worse with her second and described them how I did so I figured I was in the clear and not going into early labor haha
Miss anything?: I've really been wanting beer lately :)
Movement: Yes!!! Finally! About a week ago I started to feel it when I'm sitting and lean forward a little and now it's definitely more often but still usually when I'm sitting. I forgot how strange it is at first but I can't wait for kicks and punches!
Food cravings: Well since I'm on this no sugar thing of course all I want is ice cream.
Have you started to show yet?: Yes! Finally I feel pregnant and not just chubby!
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Exhausted and moody as usual.
Looking forward to: A weekend away with Tom next weekend! My amazing mom is coming to watch Finn and we are going to head to Burlington for the day/night. It will be our first night away from Finn but Finn loves my mom so I'm honestly not worried about him, I'm worried he'll wear her out with his energy haha

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