Sunday, January 18, 2015

22 weeks

How far along?: 22 weeks
Total weight gain: 18lbs. I've decided that since my weight has been fine this pregnancy, I'm not going to weigh myself the rest of the pregnancy. I've been living by the scale since Finn was born and knowing I will again to loose the weight, I just want a break from it. I actually think it will make me eat healthier since I can't keep track of it by a number but by how I feel instead. I'll start to weigh myself again around 37 or 38 weeks so I know what my final weight actually is. 
Maternity clothes: All maternity bottoms now as I don't want to stretch out my designer jeans even though they fit. I haven't worn any maternity shirts yet other than tanks but I haven't stopped wearing those since my last pregnancy. 
Best moment this week: Feeling our little guy start to kick me way more often.
Symptoms: My hips are way more sore after a run and squats are now killer!
Miss anything?: Not much.
Movement: So much more than last week even. Finn fell asleep on me the other day and I could feel him kicking at Finn!
Food cravings: Nothing really. 
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yeah!
Gender prediction: Little man 2!
Mood: Still exhausted but not quite as moody. 
Looking forward to: Better runs this week without shin splints since I know how to keep them away. Tom starts teaching in a week so I'm looking forward to our last normal week until craziness ensues!

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