Wednesday, April 17, 2013

26 Weeks

How far along?: 26 weeks 
Maternity clothes: Still just maternity jeans and leggings but everything else are my regular clothes. 
Best moment this week: Traveling to Maine for our best friends' [ Tom is the best man in the wedding and I am a bridesmaid ] bridal shower and bachelorette party and Tom hung out with the boys! 
Symptoms: My stomach is definitely starting to stretch and gets kinda painful by the end of the day.
Miss anything?: Oh, ya know, bachelorette parties are just not as much fun when you can't drink!
Movement: Oh yes, he just keeps getting more and more active!
Food cravings: Eh, nothing really except I really wanted something greasy yesterday but I was good and didn't give in as much as I wanted pizza and garlic knots.
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yes! 
Gender prediction: It's a boy!
Mood: Happy but saddened by the events at the Boston Marathon. Tom and I are both runners and I've run one marathon and Tom has run two and he is actually running the Marine Corps marathon in October so this has all really hit home with us. We also love Boston, it is our favorite city by far and we just stayed at the Weston right around the corner form the bombings. It's scary to think that something so awful could happen at such a joyous event - I just feel so bad and so helpless.
Looking forward to: Our shower this weekend that Tom's mom is giving us. Tom is very close with his family so his mom thought a couples shower would be best since we don't get to see them all that often being in VT. So we're both pretty excited to see everyone! 

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