Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 8 week old Ubu

Linking up for Throwback Thursday!

Who doesn't love to see pictures of puppies? As I was looking through my pictures I found some of Ubu [ our one year od golden retriever ] when we had just gotten him a little over a year ago. 

He is now a very hyper, 70 pound god but he is still totally a puppy and thinks that anyone who walks past him wants to pet and play with him. He really is a good dog even if he whines at 5am every morning because the cat goes downstairs and taunts him [ he is locked in the kitchen ]. 

Curled up on dad's Patagonia.

Our first "walk" haha!

But you can't get mad at me for eating your socks, look how cute my puppy eyes are!

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