Friday, April 19, 2013

Blogging and why I suck at it

When I started this blog I thought I would post at least 4 times a day, join in link-ups, meet new friends, be witty [ I need to face the fact that I'm not an I never will be ], and that I would take way more pictures and post tons of them. Well that didn't really happen. It did for a little while and I have at least kept up with weekly bump updates but thats about it. I know I have a tendency to take on a lot at once [ I blame that on you mom :) ] and end up very overwhelmed but on the other hand I hate not being busy so it's hard for me to find that happy medium - and I'm pretty sure I have yet to find it, not sure I ever will either!

Life has just gotten in the way with Tom and I being gone almost every weekend and working full time plus having freelance work on top of that its all a bit much. So maybe I should aim for two or three posts a week and make them more interesting than just a link-up. 

I've tried to make blog friends, but again, I'm busy and I always have the intention to comment and just seem to forget because I get side tracked with other things on my agenda. 

Tom and I have gotten better at taking pictures - he even takes some and says "You can put these on your blog!" [ so the exclamation point may be an exaggeration ]. But then I forget to post/don't have time and then it just seems out of date to post something about our weekend that took place three weeks again [ i.e. our Ithaca weekend where we actually took a lot of pictures ]. And I had all intentions of posting about our weekend in Maine this past weekend but with the Boston bombings it just didn't seem right and I didn't want to write a post on Boston since everything makes me cry right now and that surely would too. 

So I promise to write more in-depth posts that are actually meaningful and I promise [ maybe ] to post more than once a week [ most of the time ]. Maybe I'll even begin to post design things although I'm not sure how interesting that will be to anyone. 

And I'll just add one of those Ithaca pictures for good measure!

My hot husband at breakfast at the one and only CTB of course!
*And FYI my inspiration for this post was Amber - thanks! [ and yes I mean to comment on your post and forgot :) ] 

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