Friday, April 5, 2013

Preparing for a Little One: Registering [ Link-up ]

Preparing For A Little One

Linking up with Kaitlyn for an awesome series "Preparing For A Little One" and this week's topic is registering.

My showers are a little earlier than normal [ 27 weeks and 29 weeks ] since Tom and I live in VT and our families live in Upstate NY and we also happen to have 3 weddings in June, I shoot a wedding in May and we are just plain busy! So my registry is all done and we actually used which means we could pick from any website we wanted to and put it all on one registry.

The reason we decided to do this "all-in-one" registry is because we're kinda crunchy hippies who really only use organic products! I took a lot of environmental studies courses in college and even went to Denmark for the Climate Control Conference my senior year and I went to grad school for environmental studies for a semester before we moved to VT so it is something I am very passionate about [ as well as Tom ].

Because of our beliefs, our registry looks a little different than most as it included glass bottles, organic crib sheets, an organic mattress, organic bath products, organic cloth diapers and even some organic clothes [ although I learned that 90% of chemicals can be washed out of 100% cotton clothing so I'm not too pushy about organic clothing ]. We even included a little note in the shower invitations explaining how we wanted to raise our baby in  a non-toxic environment and we have an extensive registry in case people aren't sure what to buy. I was really afraid to do this as I didn't want people to think we were being controlling or would be ungrateful for other gifts, but my mom said that most of our friends and family know I'm pretty crunchy [ as is my mom ] so it would not be a surprise and plus people want to give gifts they know that we will use.

As we created our registry we actually learned that it's not that hard to find organic baby products as most websites have an "eco-friendly" section now since it has grown in popularity over the past few years. So if anyone needs advice on organic baby products I am now a know-it-all with how much research I have done!

Here are a few items from our list:

Wooden Play Gym

BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance Organic

FuzziBunz one size elite diaper

Burt's Bees Rugby Shortall [ they have the cheapest organic clothes that are ADORABLE ] 

California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress


  1. It's so great that you were brave enough to tell people what you really want! I agree that people really do want to get gifts you'll actually appreciate and use, so I think it's awesome that you went for it. I try to go the organic/natural route with my kids, but I wish I had done something like this, because buying it all on my own isn't cheap! :) Great post!

    I'm new here, visiting from the linkup! Nice to meet you!

  2. I'm not *as* crunchy but I really admire you guys taking so much time to research and fine safer products for you baby. I didn't register for any bath products and plan to use Shaklee or Arbonne baby bath products. As far as diapers, I just can't make the switch to cloth yet, our lives are a tad bit crazy. I registered for gDiapers and plan to use the disposable inserts or just use diapers from the Honest company. We'll see what we end up with :/