Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jennifer for a 7 quick takes post!

1. So I had said on Sunday that all of my regular clothes fit me, well that changed yesterday when my jeans would button when I was standing but sitting was a whole different to buy a Bella Band this weekend!

2. Tom and I sent out "Holiday Cards" [ see picture below ] on Wednesday to all of our close friends and family informing them that Baby Poole is on its way in 2013. We asked everyone not to post anything on facebook quite yet as we want to keep it personal for now. Not because we are scared of a miscarriage [ after 12 weeks your risk reduced dramatically, so we're "in the clear" ] but because it is so special to us and its nice that not everyone in the world knows - we can share it just with the ones we love. 

3. I told everyone at work on Monday and one of the other girls I work with said she may as well tell us too that she's expecting two weeks after me with her second. It's kind of exciting to be able to share this with another woman especially one that can answer any questions that I have. Oh and a third girl at work is pregnant and due in March so that makes 3 pregnant women in an office with 5 women and 8 employees total!

4. Tom and I are heading to Burlington tomorrow so that I can go to the one bridal store that carries the two bridesmaid dresses I need for this summer. Hopefully they have dealt with a situation like this before because I will be 34 weeks for the first wedding and 36 weeks for the second wedding so I'll be a whale by then. 

5. I made it to the gym three times this week, the second week in a row thats happened! I'm excitd because the last month or so with the holidays I'd slacked...a lot. But when I say that I still go to the gym I mean that I go for about 45mins tops when I use to go for 1-1.5hours at leats 4 times a week. I also run [ now more like a jog ] much slower than I use to since my body just doesn't seem to go that fast anymore and the congestion symptom is not helping. Anyway I hope to keep going for as long as I can and I hope to run for as long as I can. It's my stress reliever and just makes me feel better, so until it doesn't anymore I will keep running. 

6. I've been looking at on a regular basis now looking at baby and maternity clothes and I've had to use all of my strength not to buy all of the cute organic clothes for baby. I want to wait until we find out the gender to start buying clothes. Not because I want to buy blue for boy and pink for girl, but there are some wickedly cute dresses for girls that aren't overly pink and annoyingly girly. This baby will be better dressed than me :)

7. So this is something that happened last week but Tom and I purchased three adorable prints for the nursery that we had seen awhile ago and both agreed we loved. They are Trafalgars Square and Tom is even going to paint some big mural of them in the nursery as well. 

Check back next Friday for another 7 Quick Takes about 7 things that happened that week.

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