Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Favorite Natural Products

For the those of you who know me well know that I am an environmentalist at heart and try to buy all of my products - makeup included - as organic as possible. This may seem excessive and expensive but to be honest its actually really easy nowadays to buy organic products and they actually seem to last longer than the normal ones. I figured I would list a few of my favorites and what I love about them. 
Now there is a difference between organic and natural - anything not created in a laboratory is natural but it is not necessarily organic and can still contain toxins that are very harmful. Organic on the other hand is non-toxic and causes no harm to the environment and those who use the products. I only put natural in the description because it just sounds better and is a little less frightening to those who not familiar with organic products!
The only thing I use that is not organic is deodorant. Although I do use Dove for sensitive skin which is the best of the worst for you toxin wise because lets face it organic deodorant just doesn't work [ I know I've tried them all ] and I don't want to smell like a dirty hippie!

1. Giovanni, FrizzBe Gone Serum - I have been using this for about three years and it works really well without leaving my hair greasy which the traditional kinds I've tried have - at least for me. I also have VERY frizzy hair if there is no product in it or it is not straightened plus it makes my hair feel super soft - which I always wanted as a kid [ I was the one at sleepovers who woke up with a rats nest that was pouffy and uncontrollable ].
2. Terra Firma Cosmetics, HydraSilk Loose Mineral Foundation - I love this company! I found them about 5 years ago when I was first switching over all of my makeup to be non-toxic. I starting off loving their bronzer/blush mix - which seems to last forever since you don't need nearly the amount you would with the traditional stuff. Then I started getting the ever annoying adult acne and needed to start using coverup but I was terrified I would look like a cake face but this stuff is awesome and no cake here! [ also, adult acne has completely cleared up with pregnancy - can I be pregnant forever please! ] 
3. Seventh Generation, All Purpose Cleaner - We take the "All Purpose" very seriously in this house using it to clean up spills, counter tops, dog messes, cat messes - you name it we've cleaned it with this stuff. Plus there's no horrible smell and if you get the lemon scented it smells like actual lemons, not the fake kind. 
4. Jason Natural, Brightening Apricot Scrubble - This was another one of my first ever purchases that I swear by. I have pretty dry skin in general and it gets worse in the winter and this stuff makes a huge difference. And even though its a scrub its very light and you can use it everyday. 
5. Seventh Generation, Natural 2x Laundry Detergent - Tom and I just started to use this about two years ago - we were poor college kids before that and it seemed like an outrageous price working part-time, minimum wage [ plus beer and wine beat out the laundry detergent ]. It smells so much better than any detergent I've ever used and the fact is you're in your clothes all day so they should be as toxic free as possible since they touch your skin, the biggest sponge for toxins. 
6. Reviva Labs, Hypoallergenic Mascara - I have tried my fair share of organic mascaras and most of them are horrible - everything you don't want in a mascara. Then I stumbled upon this about three years ago and fell in love. When I first took the wand out I thought I had been duped again by the organic mascaras as it looked sticky and messy. But boy was I wrong, it is the best mascara I have ever used and not only that I swear my eyelashes are longer and fuller than they have ever been. Plus, I buy it at for half of what they sell traditional mascara for at the store and shipping is very cheap. 

These are only a few of my favorite organic products and I will share more along the way. Oh and you better bet that we'll be using all organic products on this little bean too!!!

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