Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 12

How far along?: 12 weeks
Total weight gain: 4lbs.
Maternity clothes: None yet and luckily all of my clothes, even my pants, seem to fit exactly the same...for now!
Sleep: Only waking up about once in the middle of the night to pee and I'm starting to get use to the vivid dreams although they still wake me up out of a dead sleep every night.
Best moment this week: Seeing baby Poole move around on the ultra sound and he/she now looks more like a human instead of a blob!
Symptoms: Still tired but I feel like I have a little more energy during the day now and I'm extremely congested still and that hasn't gotten any better. Its the one symptom I never knew about and its hit me the hardest! Apparently it's fairly common and it doesn't help that I get congested easily when I'm not pregnant, but hopefully it clears up soon.
Miss anything?: Beer and wine! Our friends and family know we love trying new beers and wine and it is just a part of who we are so of course all I want is a good wine with dinner...but this little bean is better than any wine!
Movement: A little early for that.
Food cravings: None out of the ordinary although I have actually not been wanting as much ice cream and chocolate as normal which is definitely out of the ordinary for me!
Have you started to show yet?: I think so but to most people I probably look like I have been skipping the gym and stocking up on the breads and pasta.
Gender prediction: I think its a girl although I'm hoping for a boy since I always wanted an older brother when I was younger and we plan on having a couple more of these. Plus, their clothes are so cute!
Mood: Happy in general but Tom may disagree on this as I've been a little moody lately and very easily annoyed.
Looking forward to: Buying maternity clothes! Sounds weird but that will mean my bump is growing and hopefully more noticeable.

I realized as I was writing this, that I wanted to end each sentence with an exclamation point since it's all so exciting, even the not so good stuff :)

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