Sunday, January 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Once again linking up with Jennifer and once again I'm a few days late!

1. I started to get sick on Monday and had a sore throat on Tuesday so I took Wednesday off of work in hopes of kicking this cold before it got bad. I felt worse on Wednesday and slept for a majority of the day. I woke up on Thursday and my throat felt 100% fine, I was just horribly congested still but felt fine. I feel way better now and I'm just a little congested. 

2. I woke up today and realized I was 15 weeks, which is only 25 weeks to go and only 5 more weeks until we're half way there!!! I feel like these next 25 weeks will fly by, especially since we have SO MUCH going on.

3. It is also 5 weeks until we find out the gender :) :) :)

4. Here are some of my latest Pinterest pins that are on a private board of mine since it isn't quite public yet on social media that we're expecting. 

5. I've always wanted a little boy first but now I'm also kind of hoping its a girl because I found a bunch of organic clothing companies that have wicked cute girls clothing that isn't all pink and cheesy. It was grays and salmons and just adorable.

6. We're starting to figure out my shower(s) so that we can plan on dates for Tom and I to come home since we have so much going on with so many weddings we need to have dates solidified soon. My mom has been looking into places to have it and the one place she was thinking of doesn't open until June but that's too late so we're thinking of having it at the F.X. Matt Brewery! I know it sounds crazy to have a baby shower at a brewery but we love beer and Tom homebrews [ really good ] beer all the time so it's kind of a part of who we are. We even brewed our own beer and wine for our wedding and gave them out as favors. So hopefully they have the date we want open and that we can actually have the shower there during the day on a Saturday. 

7. I've run out of things to be quick about - I've been sick and I guess a bit boring, I hope you enjoyed the rest :)

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