Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jennifer for a 7 quick takes post even though I'm a few days late!

1. TODAY IS UBU's BIRTHDAY!!! He is 1 year old today and we gave him a femur bone and a frosted cookie - what a treat!
Isn't he just the cutest puppy ever :) He loves going for winter hikes up Pico with Tom.

2. We spent the weekend in North Conway, NH with Chris and Amy, two of our best friends who we don't get to see often enough. The boys hiked Mt. Adams and reached summit [ second highest in the north east ] and Amy and I shopped, ate lunch and sat at our table catching up for a couple of hours until the wait staff glared at us and we began to realize they might need our table. Next time we see them we will be celebrating their wedding at their shower in April!!!
And they're off!
At summit on Mt. Adams!!!!

3. I purchased our very first baby clothes this week [ and yes they are both made with organic cotton ]  :)

Aren't they sooo cute?!? For those of you who don't know, An Inconvenient Poop is a pun off of Al Gore's documentary about climate change and environmentalism, "An Inconvenient Truth." I purchased the "Not a Meat Eater" onesie since those who don't know - Tom and I are both vegetarians. Tom still eats fish once and awhile but I don't and I've never really liked it anyways. We've decided to raise our kids as vegetarians too but if one day they ask us for a chicken wing we'll let them eat it and decide for themselves. It's something we both believe in but we also believe our kids will be able to decide if they do or do not want to eat meat. 

4. Tom and I got excited and started a registry, hehe! We decided to make one where we could add anything from any website we wanted. We figured that most of the things we would want on it are from so many different websites that it would be ridiculous to create one at each different website. Plus, mostly everything we want is only available online since big box stores don't tend to carry organic products so an in-store registry is kind of out of the question. 

5. We have been talking about names recently....but we're not telling :)

6. I am in two weddings in June this year which means I will be 34 weeks for one and 36 weeks for the other and I'll be massive. I had to order my dresses this week and I'm praying they both fit when the time comes. I'm normally a size 2 or even a 0 normally so I ordered a 10 and 12 just to be sure they fit over the huge bump I have then. I'm thinking it will be fine but I'm sure once they come in I will be trying them on once a week to make sure they still fit...eeek!

7. So on our weekend away we were driving and using the map app on my phone when all of a sudden my screen went black but the phone kept talking. I could receive text messages and calls but no screen so it wasn't helpful. I went to verizon and they couldn't fix it so I had to go through insurance and get a new one....for $169!!!! Holy crap, what's the use in having insurance if the new phone costs more than what I paid for the original??? I'm buying one of those indestructible covers for both Tom and I [ he is notorious for loosing/breaking/dropping phones in water ] since $169 is not exactly affordable right now. 

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